2 Advantages of Video over a Film Movie Camera

A film movie camera used to be the only camera available to shoot films. But, thanks to advances in video compression technology, you can now shoot a movie on video and have it look just as good as 35mm film. Here are two advantages that video has over film.

1. Costs

It is a lot more expensive to shoot on film instead of video. For one thing, film stock costs a lot of money. And when you shoot on film, you need to have it developed by a lab and then telecined (transferred to video tapes) for editing. Once the final edit on video is complete, you then have to hire a negative cutter to apply the editing decissions to the negative of the film.

Now when you shoot on video, the only real cost you have is tapestock. With memory cards and hard drives, that's not even necessary anymore. After you're done with your shoot, you just hand over your footage to the editor to work with--no labs, telecine and negative cutters required.

2. Faster Workflow

Because you don't need to send your video to the lab for development, you can just start editing it right after you're shoot wraps. This means that you can work instead of wait, and that's always an advantage.