The Advantages of a Tuts Plus Account

Tuts Plus (or “Tuts+”) is an online community of tutorials and resources by experts in specific fields, and the advantages of a Tuts Plus account are invaluable for many designers. From p...[more]

Producing a Promotional Video

Producing a promotional video requires a great deal of planning. These promotional videos work by selling the products and services of a company to the public. It is important that that any promotion...[more]

What is a Promotional Video?

A promotional video can be used to tell your customers about your products and services. When creating a promo video for your products, it important to bear in mind a few different things. This will...[more]

How to Edit Movie Trailers

Movie trailers can sometimes confuse the viewer because they may contain gaps in them that the filmmaker has left there, thinking that these will make sense to the viewer. However, if the viewer is n...[more]

3 Tips for Editing Blooper Reels

Bloopers are an amusing extra which can be added to any film. These are very easy to create since they simply feature all of the mistakes that have been made throughout the film. While you will alrea...[more]

Why Use Windows Movie Maker on a Flip Camera?

It's possible to use Windows Movie Maker with a Flip camera to edit the footage. Flip cameras are designed to be very simple. These make it possible to shoot video and then transfer it to your comput...[more]

How to Fix a Dead Flip Video Camera

A flip video camera is a useful and high quality device which can be used to record video. These are compact video cameras that have built-in rechargeable batteries. They are perfect for uploading to...[more]

3 Common Flip Camera Problems

A lot of  people who've recently purchased the Flip Camera have reported problems ranging from minor inconveniences to frustrating memory shortages. If you are planning to buy a Flip UltraHD, Fl...[more]

2 Useful Shooting Techniques with a VHS Video Camera

Useful shooting techniques using a VHS camera should be set apart from techniques used with digital cameras. With modern technology and advances in civilization, most younger people have no idea what...[more]

4 Fun Ideas for Your Pocket Video Camera

Pocket video cameras are small HD video cameras that are powerful yet portable machines that can satisfy your video requirements. Since these cameras are very small, they can be brought almost everyw...[more]

4 Tips for Using Computer Video Cameras for Web Videos

Making web videos using computer video cameras is being done nowadays by numerous people since they can be fun and interesting to create. There are a lot of things that you should know when making th...[more]

JVC MiniDV Digital Video Camera: Quality Differences between SD and HD

The JVC miniDV digital video camera is at the forefront of the video making frenzy that has gripped the home based and amateur users after the popularization of websites like the Youtube and others....[more]

4 Popular Accessories for Digital DV Camcorders

Digital DV camcorders are very popular items that are owned by more and more people. If you own one, you probably want to have the best accessories to go with it. Here are a few of the popular digita...[more]

3 Most Popular Movie Making Software Products

Movie making software makes it possible for raw footage shot on a digital camcorder to be turned into a polished piece of entertainment for audiences to enjoy. These programs can cost anywhere from 5...[more]

Benefits of Using Canon Video Cameras for Indie Films

There are several benefits to using Canon video cameras to shoot Indie films. Following are a few of them: Easy to Use Canon video cameras are very easy to use and are extremely user friendly. Most o...[more]

How a JVC Mini DV Can Be a Low Cost Indie Film Camera

A look at some JVC Mini DV features will show you just how a JVC Mini DV can be a low cost Indie Film camera. Those who are planning to use this Mini DV for creating an Indie Film will realize that P...[more]

Guide to Using DV Video Cameras for Indie Films

DV video cameras are what makes it possible for filmmakers to create their own indie films at a much lower cost than it would be to shoot with actual film. Plus, these cameras arguably make the filmm...[more]

3 Products that Convert VHS to DVD

Anyone with videos still on tape will need to investigate ways to convert VHS to DVD. By converting your VHS videos into DVD format, it will be possible for anyone to enjoy them. It is unlikely to co...[more]

4 Must Have Features when Buying a Pro Video Camera

Determining the best features of a pro video camera is subjective. Besides the individual budget, there are several factors to consider. The filmmaker will need to decide what aspects and features ar...[more]

4 Popular Websites that Offer Camera Deals

With digital cameras flooding the market, many websites have been slashing their prices in order to make camera deals more attractive. You can easily find good deals for cameras on several websites i...[more]

3 Fun Tips for Photography with the Video Camera for Your Computer

A video camera for a computer is also known as a webcam. It’s used for online chat and conferences. It’s usually built-in for a laptop and a separate attachment for a desktop. Either way,...[more]

3 Tips to Find the Lowest Camcorder Price

There are literally hundreds of models of camcorders, so finding the lowest camcorder price is very important to the average consumer who wants a video camera. Here are some tips to get the lowest pr...[more]

5 Must Have Features when Buying a Camcorder Video Camera

Choosing the right features for a camcorder video camera is important. It is important to find the most suitable camera for the job and the user. Some features are better suited for home movies wh...[more]

6 Websites to Buy Refurbished DVD Digital Camcorders

Here is a list of the top five most reputable websites to find refurbished DVD digital camcorders. Some of these places offer free shipping, extended warranties and excellent return policies. All of...[more]

3 Popular Uses of a Night Vision Video Camera

If you want to learn how to take movies at night, need to protect your home through monitoring, or need to have a video made in some sort of low light scenario, then you may need a night vision video...[more]

3 Popular Websites to Find a Cheap Camcorder

If you are a budding videographer and are in need of a cheap camcorder, there are many popular websites that can help. Here is a list of a few of them to get you started: 1. eBay If you are looking f...[more]

Features and Benefits of Enverio JVC Digital Camcorders

Enverio JVC Digital Camcorders are not only very popular but are also great camcorders that offer a number of benefits including the ability to record at night. They also have a high amount of inbuil...[more]

2 Common Features of a High Speed Video Camera

If you own a high speed video camera or are looking to buy one, you need to know about all the common features of this type of camcorder, as it is very different from a regular speed video camera. He...[more]

3 Top Rated External Video Camera Recorders

Video camera recorders are popular digital devices for capturing video from various sources and using it to make movies, show surveillance footage from a business, or i...[more]

4 Step Guide to Digital Movie Making for Beginners

Digital movie making is a fun and creative form of communication. The bare minimum equipment that you need to get started is a camcorder, computer and editing software. With these three tools, you ca...[more]

3 Easy Ways to Get Camcorder Video to DVD

There are a few different ways that you can get camcorder video to DVD quickly and easily. When your video is stored on camcorders, you will need to transfer and edit the files before you will be abl...[more]

3 Popular Video Cameras to Make Your Own Film

Knowing the right video camera to use when you want to make your own film is very important. It gives you the right set of tools and options depending on what you want to accomplish. Whether you are...[more]

Creating a Video Dissolve Transition in Showbiz DVD

If pictures are worth a thousand words, then a video is definitely much more effective and creating video worth that much impact can be made much easier with the Showbiz DVD software. Here is a guide...[more]

2 Disadvantages of Used Film Cameras for Indie Productions

Used film cameras are cheaper to buy than new ones, which makes them more cost friendly, but there are quite a few disadvantages to using one for your indie productions. Here are two of them. 1. High...[more]

3 Tips for Finding Cheap Film Making Equipment

If you want to make your own movie, the basic film making equipment that you will need can be found at varying prices. Below are tips to make sure that you get good equipment. However, for cheap yet...[more]

2 Advantages of Video over a Film Movie Camera

A film movie camera used to be the only camera available to shoot films. But, thanks to advances in video compression technology, you can now shoot a movie on video and have it look just as good as 3...[more]

Professional Digital Video: 2 Popular Cameras for Indie Films

Professional digital video has been revolutionized in the last few years thanks to huge advances in the technology of digital video compression. For one thing, the current cameras that are popular fo...[more]

3 Simple Secrets of Indie Filmmaking

Indie filmmaking is the birthplace for a lot of careers in Hollywood. A good majority of the directors who have films playing in national theaters started their careers making independent films. If y...[more]

5 Must Have Features for a Professional Movie Camera

Whether you’re working with a film or digital professional movie camera, there are some features and settings that you just can’t do without. These functions not only help you optimize yo...[more]

4 Types of DIY Filmmaking Equipment

If you want to make a movie, then you need to have proper filmmaking equipment. Thanks to advances in digital technology, there are now more filmmakers creating their own work than ever before. But b...[more]

How to Shoot Like a Pro with a Consumer Video Camera

A consumer video camera tries to make everything easier for the user by automatically controlling most of the functions. While most average people welcome this help, most professionals find it discou...[more]

3 Challenges for Getting Filmmaking Grants

Filmmaking grants are one way to fund the production of a film. Organizations award grants to projects that fit the requirements and criteria set by the organization's awarding committee. Grants are...[more]

The Video Camera: 4 Features Professionals Prefer

The video camera is the most important tool used in production. You could have a great idea, great actors, great lighting and great set design, but if you're shooting with a low quality camera, then...[more]

Indie Filmmaking: Low Budget Production Tips

Indie filmmaking is synonymous with low budget productions. Twenty years ago it cost a few thousand dollars to produce an ultra low budget indie because you needed to rent a film camera, pay for film...[more]

A Filmmaking Equipment List for Low Budget Cinema

With the prices of high quality filmmaking equipment reducing dramatically and the availability of the Internet as a marketing and distribution platform, low budget/independent cinematography has had...[more]

Generating Stereoscopic Video Cheaply

Stereoscopic video, more popularly known as a three-dimensional video, takes advantage of the fact that humans have a pair of eyes that are placed adjacent to each other. Very few animal species poss...[more]

Understanding Stereoscopic 3D Films

Stereoscopic 3D films are becoming very popular. These make it possible to watch a film in 3D by wearing special 3D glasses. The glasses make your brain see a slightly different view from each eye. T...[more]

Practical Effects: Keying Around Detailed Props and Makeup

Practical effects essentially mean that the effects on a movie set, that are tied to a particular prop or talent, simply appear to work in the context of the given situation. There is a bare minimum...[more]

Combining Green Screen Effects with Rotoscoping

Green Screen effects are employed for a wide range of uses in animation, special effects, and film and studio production. The technique is also applicable to digital rotoscoping as well. Rotoscoping...[more]

Using Vector Graphics in Rotoscoping

Adobe Illustrator’s vector graphics allow photographers and videographers to easily create animations from live action video sequences or images. This is known as rotoscoping, and it is popular...[more]

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