Why Every 52mm Lens Should have a UV Filter

A 52mm lens filter can provide protection and performance improvements to your lens. These filters are inexpensive to buy and are very easy to use. They also do not affect the quality of your photographs. When choosing a lens filter, it's important to ensure that it fits onto your lens correctly.


As all UV filters are clear, they are often used to protect the lens. Lenses are very expensive and need to be treated with respect. A scratch on the lens glass would be very expensive to repair. However, any scratches to filters are very easy to replace. Should the filter become scratched or damaged, then it can be quickly replaced with another.

UV filters are a valuable addition to any expensive 52mm lens, as it will protect the delicate glass.

A clear UV filter will also prevent any foreign particles from affecting the lens glass. If you are photographing near the sea, for example, then these filters can prevent salt from getting onto the glass.

Using Other Filters

If you intend to use filters with your 52mm lens, then a UV filter can also protect the thread. Continually fixing new filters onto your lens increases the risk of distorting the thread. By using a filter should the worst happen then you can buy a new UV filter.

Performance Improvement

The intended job of a UV filter is to filter out all the invisible ultraviolet light which enters the camera. In some conditions this light can cause a haze over the picture. Using a UV filter will reduce the chances of this happening.