Using an Exakta Real/Twin to Inner Bayonet Adapter

Exacta cameras were once very popular with professionals and amateurs. These haven't been made for quite some time, but are still very capable cameras which can teach you a lot about photography. Anyone who wants to use these Exacta Real or Twin cameras might find it difficult to get the right lenses. Lens adaptors can be used to make various different lenses suitable for these cameras.

If you have or can find some Inner Bayonet lenses, for example, then these can be used on your Exakta Real camera with a simple adaptor. These adaptors are not very complicated, and simply work by converting the thread on the cameras mount to accept different types of lenses.

Reading the Instructions

These lens adaptors are fairly simple to understand, but it's still a good idea to read the instructions which came with the adaptor. This will make it possible to know exactly how to use the lens adaptor without the risk of causing any damage to the camera.

Connecting the Lens

The lens needs to be screwed into the female mounting thread on the front of the lens adaptor. If you have chosen the right lens adaptor, then fitting your Inner Bayonet lens should be easy.

With the lens connected, you can then screw the adaptor into the camera body. This will ensure that the lens will work correctly with your camera.