Using an Exakta Inner Bayonet to Topcon Adapter

If you have an Exacta camera which uses an Inner Bayonet mount, then it can be extremely difficult to find the right lenses to use. This is made more difficult because the cameras haven't been produced for a long time. An option to resolve this problem is to use lens adaptors. This makes it possible to use Topcon lenses, which are often much easier to find.

These adaptors are made to the highest quality possible. This makes it very simple to buy and fit suitable lenses onto your vintage cameras. Because of this, it is possible to continue using older cameras with lenses which are in good condition.

Connecting the Lens

The first thing that you should do is unpack the lens and lens adaptor from their protective cases. You will also need to remove the lens caps from both sides of the lens. The Topcon lens can then be screwed into the adaptor, which makes it possible to use them with the Exakta camera.

Attaching the Lens to the Camera

Next, you need to attach the lens and lens adaptor onto your camera. This is done in the same way as attaching a standard lens. This means that the lens will be securely locked into the camera by using the Exakta Inner Bayonet mount.