Using an Alpa to Leicaflex / R Adapter

Alpa SLR cameras were once very popular, and many people still want to use them. However, it can be very difficult to track down the right Alpa lenses to mount on these. It's often much simpler to use lens adaptors, which makes it possible to attach virtually any other lens onto your camera. This is also a great way to save money by using the same lenses on different cameras.

An Alpa to Leicaflex / R adaptor makes it possible to connect Leicaflex lenses, which use the R mount, to your Alpa SLR camera. This makes it very simple to choose reliable lenses which won't let you down.

Using Lens Adaptors

If you want to use the Alpa to Leicaflex lens adaptors, then you will need to first connect the lens to the adaptor. This is done by screwing the lens into the female thread on the front of the lens adaptor ring. This should be tightened so that it doesn't loosen over time.

Fitting the Lens

With the lens attached to the adaptor ring, you will then be able to connect the whole thing to the camera. This should be done by twisting the lens clockwise into the mount until it is in position.

Removing the Lens

The lens adaptor and lens can be removed from the SLR body in the same way as a standard lens. To remove the lens from the adaptor, you can then press the release button and continue twisting the lens until it comes off.