Using an Alpa to Leica Visoflex Lens Adapter

Alpa cameras were fairly popular with professional photographers. These were designed and made in Switzerland to a very high quality. These are vintage cameras, which can make it very difficult to find the right lenses and accessories to use. If you are struggling to find lenses which are suitable, then you could consider using lens adapters.

A lens adapter is a simple device which can connect a variety of different lenses onto your Alpa camera body. There are adapters which can connect Leica Visoflex lenses onto your camera.

Using the Lens Adapter

In order to use the lens adapter, you must first unscrew any protective covers from it. This will expose a male and a female thread. Screw the lens into the female thread until it is locked into position and won't move.

Fitting the Lens

With the lens locked into the lens adapter, you will then be able to screw the whole thing into the Alpa lens mount. This is very easy to do, as it is fixed into position in exactly the same way as a regular Alpa lens.

Disconnecting the Lens

The lens can be removed from the camera by twisting the whole assembly anti clockwise. Then, to remove the lens from the adapter, you can press the release button and then twist the lens again. The lens needs to be cared for properly by replacing lens caps and dust covers.