Using a Konica to Pentax 42mm Lens Adapter

When you are using Konica equipment, you will sometimes find that you will need to change the lens of your camera, but do not have the correct make of lens to do so. This is why having a lens adapter is so necessary. In this instance, a 42mm lens adapter is used to change the depth-of-field.

How the Lens Adapter Works

A depth-of-field lens adapter will focus an image on to a transparent screen that can be found in the middle of the camera’s main lens and the external lens. The idea of this is the same as if you were to take a picture of a television set. The lens adapter now takes on the job of the camera’s aperture and focusing mechanisms.

Limitations of the Lens Adapter

There are certain limitations that come with the camera, but they can be overlooked.

  • A noticeable loss in light
  • A loss in the quality of the images as a result of the lighting
  • Image distortion, the image will stretch out in certain areas
  • Image orientation, the Konica or Pentax lens will flip the image upside down.

The lens adapters are available for any model of camera or lens fitting.