Using a Konica to Nikon F Lens Adapter

If you have a KonicaSLR camera then you might find it difficult to find the right lenses to use on your camera. It's possible to use a number of different types of lenses on your camera by using lens adapters. These adapters can be used to mount a variety of different lenses onto your Konica Camera. These include mounting Nikon F mount lenses.

These adapters are actually very easy to use but it's still helpful to look at some instructions. As long as you use the adapters correctly it shouldn't cause any damage to your camera or lens.

Mounting the Lens
When you look at the lens adapter you will see that it has two threads on it. The male thread is the part which fits into your camera and the female accommodates the Nikon F lens. The lens should be screwed into the adapter until it locks. This will make sure that the lens doesn't move or come loose during use.

Screwing in the Lens Adapter
With the lens fixed into the lens adapter you will then be able to screw it into your camera. The lens adapter needs to be fixed into the camera mount by screwing it as you would normally. Be carefully not to over tighten this though.

The Lens adapter doesn't require any special care but it does need to be looked after. The adapter doesn't have any glass which means that it doesn't really need to be cleaned. You must however ensure that you don't scratch the lens glass itself.