Using a Canon FD/FL/Canonflex to Nikon F Adapter

When using a Canon fd Fl or Canonflex camera you might struggle to find the right lenses to fit on your camera. This is because the camera is old and new lenses haven't been available for some time. In order to find suitable lenses you could consider using a lens adapter. These adapters screw into other lenses and make them suitable for the FD mount camera. There are many lens adapters available including those for the Nikon F lens.

Nikon F lenses are very popular because they are high quality and very capable lenses. They are manual focus lenses which can be used on your Canon camera with a simple adapter.

Step 1: Choosing Adapters

When you have a lens that you want to use with your camera you will then need to find a suitable lens adapter. Choose a lens adapter which not only fits but is also high quality. It needs to have a black finish inside to minimize reflections. Also make sure that it is compatible with your cameras mount.

Step 2: Fitting the Lens

Screw the lens into the adapter ring and make sure that it is fixed securely. If not then the lens can easily come loose which will create problems.

Step 3: Mounting the Lens

With the lens secured in the adapter it can then be mounted on your camera as thought it were an ordinary lens designed for your camera.