Three Popular Devices that Use a MMC Flash Memory Card

The MultiMediaCard or MMC flash memory card remains to be one of the standards when it comes to flash memory cards. It is the predecessor of the Secure Digital or SD cards but continues to be used in a wide variety of portable electronic devices. The MMC card is roughly the size of a regular stamp with sizes of up to 32 GB. Contents saved on the MMC card can be transferred from devices that use the card. The data can also be saved onto a computer system or laptop which has a memory card reader built in or attached to it. The following are some of the more popular devices which use this particular card.

1. Digital Camera

A digital camera is capable of capturing still photographs or videos in digital format and recording them using an electronic image sensor. Images and videos are saved onto the MMC card instead of film.

2. Cell Phones

More sophisticated cellular phones that can store photos, videos, music and other files require additional storage. The memory can be extended with using MMC cards.

3. Digital Audio Players

These types of devices are capable of playing, storing and organizing audio or music files. Similar to other portable devices, players have built in storage that can be increased by using MMC cards.