Importance of a Quality Wide Angle Lens Adapter

A wide angle lens adapter is basically an extra lens that screws onto the front of your current lens. These adapters either give you a wider focus area, or they change the look of your final image. But, these wide angle lens adapters do have their issues.

Importance of a Wide Angle Lens Adapter

If you want to take expansive panoramic scenes, then your standard wide angle lens may not do the job. They usually offer limited field of view, unless you get an extremely expensive one. Wide angle lens adapters will expand your field of view, generally over 50 to 70 percent.

This helps you capture more of the scene that you are shooting, and these adapters are great for landscape or nature photography. Plus, lenses like the fisheye adapter allow you to take really wide shots that create interesting distortions in the final picture. The images have a curved appearance like the curve of the Earth.

Potential Problems

While wide angle lens adapters do allow you to take wider shots, it’s actually hard to see these shots when you are shooting pictures. It just looks like you are looking through a long tube. Further, it’s hard to focus on things with these adapters. Even the most expensive and best rated wide angle lens adapters corrupt your focus a bit, increasing your chances of blurry pictures.

Another issue with these adapters is that it decreases the amount of light that reaches your camera sensor, which could make your pictures extremely dark. And, some adapters don’t fit the lenses tightly enough, causing image distortion.

You will need to take all these possible side effects into account before purchasing a wide angle lens adapter, especially if you are a beginner photographer.