How to Select Camcorder Lens Filters

Camcorder lens filters can greatly improve the images being photographed, if you pick the right one. Having the wrong filter might not get the job done right, or, even worse, might not fit onto the camera. Here is a brief guide for selecting camcorder lens filters.

Have the Right Size

All camcorders have different lens sizes and if you don't get the right filter for that lens then it will not fit. If the filter is too big then you might be able to rig something up to mount it but if it's too small then you're going to be out of luck.

Have an Assortment

You want to have an assortment of filters that includes a few Neutral Densities (NDs), a UV filter and a Polarizer. You don't need color filters if you have a digital camera because the colors can now be manipulated with the camera's white balance. 

Know What You Want to Correct

You need to analyze and know what you want to correct before you can select a filter. If there are too many reflections in the image then add a polarizer. If the colors are washed out by the sun then use the UV filter. If the image is too bright but you don't want to close the aperture due to depth of field then you use NDs to bring the exposure down.