How to Capture Ultra Wide Images with the 6mm Nikkor Fisheye Lens

The Nikkor Fisheye lens is a specialized camera lens that can be used to capture very wide images and put them up for display in a characteristically convex and rounded view. Various people use these lenses for different purposes like for art or science. The fisheye lenses are found in a lot of sizes, but the following example concentrates on the use of the 6 mm lens.

Step 1: Composition

You will prepare the image composition with only a straight line down the middle. This is important because the lens will distort anything that is off center in the final frame. Only the lines in the middle will appear straight.

Step 2: Zooming

You will then zoom out of the frame in order to increase extent of circular distortion in the resulting image. When extended fully, the image will be a round one.

Step 3: Adjust Focal Length

Finally, to use the fish eye lens as a wide angled lens, you will reduce the focal length. The shorter you go, the lesser the amount of final distortion. But, be on the look out for any barrel distortion creeping in from the image perimeter.