How Magnification Changes by Using an Olympus Wide Angle Lens

If you have tried an Olympus wide angle lens, you probably noticed the difference in the magnification behavior when compared to the more conventional lenses. Here is how the magnification of images changes by using an Olympus wide angled lens.

How a Wide Angled Lens Functions

Basically, for every lens, the magnification levels directly correlate to the lens’ focal length. There are a specific number of lenses that specialize in extremely small focal lengths (of the order of 20mm). These lenses, by virtue of their very small focal length, can capture a lot of area onto the camera and are called wide angled lenses.

The basic principle of operation here is that an increase in focal length will cause a greater degree of image magnification and significantly reduce the width of the real world window.

Hence, using an Olympus wide angled lens will cause much smaller magnification levels than you are used to with more conventional lenses. But, these lower magnification levels are offset by the amount of breadth that is captured in the pictures using the Olympus wide angled lens.