Hazards of Using 32GB SD Card Instead of One With Less Memory

A 32GB SD card is one of the biggest sizes of memory cards available at the moment. A 32GB SD card sounds like a very convenient card to use because this is so big. The cards can contain many hundreds of photos. These cards seem like an ideal memory card to be used by professionals who need to take lots of photos.

New Technology

32GB SD cards are still very new. This means that they are not as refined as other, smaller memory cards. Because of this, there is a bigger risk that the files stored on the memory card will become corrupt or damaged.

More Risk

These memory cards are capable of storing loads of photographs. Because of this if the card breaks or gets lost, then you will lose all of your photographs. If you use smaller SD cards then your photos are much more protected. This means that if your memory cards are lost or damaged that you will still be able to access most of your photos.


Another reason to avoid buying a 32GB SD card is because they are so expensive. These are much more expensive than buying a few smaller cards.

32GB cards might make it easy to take photos without changing memory cards. However, they will put many more of your photos at risk.