Android Photography Apps: Camera Magic

Anyone with an Android mobile phone will be able to use Camera Magic to take even better photographs. This application offers useful features which makes the camera even more powerful.

With many modern Android phones featuring very powerful cameras these types of applications are becoming very popular. The photos taken with many smart phones are of a high quality. This makes it easy to print them out or use them however you want.

What is it?

Camera Magic is a useful camera application which can be used on all Android Phones. There are also versions of the application which can be run on the Apple iPhone.

Where to Get it

If you want to use Camera Magic on your phone then you will then first need to visit the android market place and search for it. Alternatively you can search for it using your computer and scan it with the bar-code application.


The Camera Magic app for Android has lots of useful features. This features some unique features including using the volume key to zoom, filters, flash and digital zoom.

Easy to Use

The Camera Magic application is extremely easy to use. This looks like many other android applications. The different effects can be applied easily by pressing your finger on the screen.

Digital Zoom

Unlike many other camera applications this has a working zoom feature. The digital zoom in this application uses up scaling rather than simply enlarging the image and cropping.

The digital zoom can be controlled by using the volume key. Pressing the up volume key will zoom in. This makes it much easier to control than many similar photo applications.


The Camera Magic app makes it possible to take photos with the flash. If your camera has a flash then you will be able to use this. The flash can be turned on and off by pressing the screen. It's also possible to put the flash into different modes which are suitable for different situations.

Auto focus

This has a high quality auto focus feature. This makes it possible to focus the camera by half pressing the shutter button. The auto focus works very well and allows you to capture everything in high quality.


The Camera Magic android application has a built in self timer function. This makes it simple to take photos of yourself.

Fast Camera

One of the best features with CameraMagic is that it features one of the best cameras available. This means that the camera will load very quickly after pressing the button.

When the button is pressed then the camera will load quickly. The auto focus also works extremely quickly. This ensures that you can capture photographs very quickly.


There are many different filters which can be applied to your image. These filters will make the image look different. Popular filters include black and white and sepia. It's also possible to shoot without any filters attached and then apply the various filters on the computer later.


If you are serious about taking photos on your Android powered phone then you should install this application. It's very easy to download this application from the Android market place.