7 Tips to Understanding Av Mode on Your Canon Camera

When most people get a new digital camera they will not experiment with the advanced manual AV mode which is available. This is because most people will leave it in the automatic modes. While the automatic mode will try to do everything reasonably well it won't do certain things perfectly. You will need to understand these manual modes so that you can take the best photos possible.

This article will look at some of the best tips which can be used to make the most out of your cameras AV mode. The AV mode on your camera can be adjusted for different situations. The different AV modes can be chosen by rotating the dial and choosing different icons.

1. Portrait Mode

The portrait AV mode can be selected by rotating the dial on top of your Canon camera. This normally has a picture of a face. This is ideal for photographing people. Portrait mode can be used to set the color tones so that they are perfect for skin tones.

2. Landscape Mode

Landscape mode is also available on all Canon cameras. This can be selected by choosing the option which looks like mountains. This is used when photographing landscapes such as mountains or beaches.

3. Macro

Macro or Close up can be used to photograph something small up close. If you want to take a photo of a flower, for example, which fills the whole frame then you will need to use this mode. This allows you to capture small objects in outstanding detail.

Macro mode is almost always shown as a small flower.

4. Sports

It's also possible to select sports mode which can be used to capture fast moving objects. This is perfect for people running or animals moving quickly.

Sports mode is normally shown by a picture of a man running.

5. Night Portrait

If you want to photograph people at night or in low light conditions then you will need to use night portrait mode. This is shown as a black screen with a face. This can be chosen by rotating the dial on top of the camera to select the mode.

6. Flash Off

There are many different modes which can control the flash. This is perhaps the most useful. By putting the phone in this mode you will be able to force the flash to never switch on. This is useful when you are not allowed to use the flash or do not want to use it.

7. Manual Modes

These AV preset modes are available on all Canon cameras. These make using the camera very quick and easy. However, it's also possible to make various adjustments to manual settings.

Put your camera in a completely manual mode. Then you will be able to adjust the ISO, shutter speed and aperture as desired.

If you do ever experience problems then you can always reset the camera to its default settings. This makes it possible to restart your camera back to the state when you brought it.