4 Reasons Not to Get Cheap 52mm Camera Filters

Although getting the best deals nowadays is perfectly fine, it is actually not advisable to get cheap 52mm camera filters. It is recommended that you get the filters specifically designed for your camera since you could be doing more harm than good, and it could cost you more in the long run. Here are four reasons not to get cheap 52mm camera filters:

1. Uncoated Filter

In order to save on cost, the cheap filters are usually uncoated and this could have adverse effects on your images. For example, it could cause flaring and some distortions to your images. Because of the filter being uncoated, the glass is untouched or just covered with one coating. This is what causes the loss in image quality.

2. Fitment Issues

There are times that the fitment of the filters is not perfect, thus a gap is formed between these 52 mm camera filters and the lens. This gap could then cause more dirt or debris to get in. It would therefore do more harm than good.

3. Build Quality

Since these filters are cheap, you can expect inferior build quality. You can expect the filters to give way sooner, having to replace them frequently. This also is in connection with the fitment issues stated above.

4. Lens Hood Restrictions

Because of the fitment of the filter, you may not be able to use a lens hood, which will better protect your lens. Cheap 52 mm camera filters are not recommended and it’s better if you stick to the tried and tested ones meant for your camera.