4 Benefits of a Pentax Wide Angle Lens Over Other Brands

A Pentax wide angle lens can easily match and surpass the quality of other lenses on the market today. Its capabilities are far superior to that of the competition, since it produces real-life photos and can capture a wide area. The images it captures are also completely clear and crisp, unlike other lenses where only the middle portion of the images are clear and begin to blur as the image moves to the edges. Here are four benefits of using this type of lens:

1. Portability

Wide angles lenses are usually large and bulky and are therefore a pain to be lugging around. Pentax wide angle lenses, on the other hand, are relatively thinner, lightweight and portable. You can therefore bring them anywhere without much headache.

2. Aspherical Lens

The aspherical lens design is able to compensate for the various aberrations that occur during photograph taking. Any deviation from the actual look of the subject is corrected by the ingenious lens design by Pentax.

3. Quick-Shift Focus System

The quick-shift focus system of the Pentax wide-angle lens allows you to switch from manual to auto-focus mode instantly. This option makes it easier to switch between users who prefer manual or automatic focus.

4. Flexible Angle  View

It also has a flexible view angle which allows you to take normal images with different depths of field. The Pentax wide-angle lens therefore allows you to take photos for different occasions and different styles.