3 Popular Wide Angle Lens Brands for a Canon SLR

You can get a Canon SLR wide angle lens from different sources nowadays and there are various brands that you can choose from. From these brands, you can choose the specifications of the lens that you are after. Wide angle lenses are always readily available and all you have to do is choose the appropriate brand that you want. Here are three popular wide angle lens brands for a Canon SLR:

1. Sigma

This wide angle lens for Canon SLR cameras can produce images with amplified perspectives at 102 degrees. It’s also a great performer in low light situations and can produce clear and crisp images no matter what the lighting condition. It is also a very sturdy and robust lens that can withstand many actuations and uses.

2. Tamron

This wide angle lens from Tamron is an ultra light lens, unlike most of its brothers in the camera lens category. It also has a wider range in terms of focal length, making it more flexible in zooming in to your subject. The angle of view of this lens is an incredible 108 degrees, which far surpasses the others in its class.

3. Tokina

Compared to the other third party lenses designed for Canon, this one is the cheapest in the group but still packs a lot of punch. It has a pretty good optical performance and is actually very sharp at 24mm.