3 Popular Old and Vintage Movie Cameras for Collectors

Old movie cameras are often just seen in museums and studios nowadays. You will not see them being used anymore because of their limited capabilities in shooting films and making movies. However, no matter how technologically backward these cameras may seem, they can still fetch decent prices from collectors, especially if these cameras have great histories tied to them. Here are three popular old movie cameras for collectors:

1. Canon Auto Zoom 814

This is the original Canon Auto Zoom 814 which was released in 1966-1971. This is a very robust camera that can withstand almost anything, making it still available today. This camera is capable of 12, 18 and 24 frames per second. It can still be obtained today and prices range from $30 to $250, depending on the condition.

2. Bolex 150 Super

This camera was released in 1967 and was pretty popular during that time since it was capable of auto-exposure with a built-in lens. It is a single speed camera capable of 18 frames per second and it also has a footage indicator, wherein it tells you how much film you’ve used up so you can keep track.

3. Bauer C1m

This vintage film-based camera originated from Germany and boasts of an adjustable lens attached to the front. It takes very clear videos and is well worth the quality for its age. This 1969 camera is one of those old movie cameras that produced quality videos for such a simple setup.