3 Fun Tricks with a Cheap Wide Angle Lens

The primary purpose of a cheap wide angle lens is to be able to attach it to almost any camera to allow the viewer to see an area that is larger than what is possible with a normal lens. However, there are some noticeable distortions that occur when using this type of lens. Here are three fun tricks you can do that takes advantage of this.

1. Making Objects Appear Farther than They Are

Wide angle lenses tend to distort perspective and one of their effects is that they magnify the subject which causes objects in the background to appear far away. An 18mm lens would cause the object to appear as if it was 10 feet away from the subject, while a 55mm lens would make it look like it is only three feet away. 

2. The Tipping Over Illusion

If you were shooting a large building with a normal lens and the camera was angled so that it was looking up, then you would get the illusion that the building may fall over because the parallel lines appear to be converging. A wide angle lens intensifies this illusion because not only is more of the building visible, but it is also slightly distorted. 

3. Changing the Angle Changes the Depth Perspective

Different lenses require different subject to camera distances in order to maintain perspectives. This is especially true with wide angle lenses, where the slightest change of the camera's position can dramatically alter the perspective of the image.