3 Fun Effects with a Cheap Fisheye Lens

A cheap fisheye lens can be attached to almost any camera to create a distorting effect. Fisheye lenses are extreme wide angle lenses that were originally developed for the study of meteorology. They were quickly adopted by general photography due to the unique look they create. Here are three fun effects you can create with this kind of lens.

1. Going Circular

The first fish eye lenses developed for meteorology took a flat 180 degree image and projected it on to a circle within the frame. This look can be described as the extreme fish eye lens effect. 

2. Full Frame

The full frame fish eye lens is the one most used in general photography. Rather then project a wide angle image onto a circle, this lens fills the entire frame. These types of lenses have been available to photographers since the early 1970s. They produce an extremely wide and distorted image.

3. The Security Camera Effect

A fish eye lens is great for creating a security camera effect. The reason for this is that many security cameras employ these type of lenses in real life because of their superior ability to view a large area. All you need to do is attach a fish eye lens to your camera and then place it in a high spot looking down to make the frame look like the point of view of a security camera.