3 Features to Consider before Buying a Fisheye Lens for Your Canon EOS

There is always a good fisheye lens for Canon EOS that's perfect for your needs, especially if you own a Canon EOS camera. Considering that the EOS is one of the most respected camera lines of Canon, it’s not surprising that owners need to mull over several choices to buy a proper fisheye lens. Here are three features that a photographer needs to think about when buying a fisheye lens for the EOS:

1. Distortion

There are fisheye lenses that maximize the fish eye distortion without sacrificing the picture detail, color or quality. The Canon EF f/2.8 15mm Fisheye Lens may cost a pretty penny, but is one of the best fisheye lens distortion-wise and produces spectacular images.

2. Additional Features

Imagine a fisheye lens that also zooms without losing any of the picture quality. The Canon EF 8-15mm Fisheye lens is the first fisheye lens that’s also a wide angle focal lens. It also features fast and accurate focusing along with several accessories such as a lens pouch, cap and felt-line hood.

3. Strength and Durability

High quality optics, multi-coated lens and a titanium steel structure creates a fisheye lens that is perfect for travel and rugged weather. The Canon EOS Rebel.42X fisheye lens with macro has these features and more.