3 Benefits of a Canon Wide Angle Converter Over Other Brands

If you are aiming for a wide angle shot but are stuck in the confines of a small room, any Canon wide angle converter allows you to take perfect photos. The thing is, several other cheaper brands have been introduced to the market, and these create substandard results as compared to a Canon Wide Angle converter. Here are three benefits of using a Canon wide angle converter over other brands:

1. Carrying and Attaching

Most wide angle converters can be bulky and can easily slip off from the screw while attached on the camera. The Canon WC-DC10 converter easily slips into jacket pockets whether it’s attached or disassembled from a Canon S90. There are even Canon camera bags that fit the camera and the attachment with ease. Securely attaching the converter is easily solved with step-up rings, which is not possible with other brands, even when they come with their own adapters.

2. Image Quality

Vignetting, blurring and image aberrations are common with cheaper brands, while the Canon Converter delivers crisp, clear and colorful pictures.

3. Camera Capabilities

Using the zoom may create problems and the speed of your camera’s auto focus can be affected with other brands. However, the Canon Converter series works well with most camera functions, with only minimal enhancements.