3 Types of 55mm Camera Filters for Special Effects

All 55mm camera filters have their specific uses, although the general functions include augmenting image quality and creating special effects. Presently, most 55mm filters comes in sets or in a grou...[more]

3 Popular Old and Vintage Movie Cameras for Collectors

Old movie cameras are often just seen in museums and studios nowadays. You will not see them being used anymore because of their limited capabilities in shooting films and making movies. However, no...[more]

4 Reasons Not to Get Cheap 52mm Camera Filters

Although getting the best deals nowadays is perfectly fine, it is actually not advisable to get cheap 52mm camera filters. It is recommended that you get the filters specifically designed for your ca...[more]

3 Popular Wide Angle Lens Brands for a Canon SLR

You can get a Canon SLR wide angle lens from different sources nowadays and there are various brands that you can choose from. From these brands, you can choose the specifications of the lens that yo...[more]

3 Features to Consider before Buying a Fisheye Lens for Your Canon EOS

There is always a good fisheye lens for Canon EOS that's perfect for your needs, especially if you own a Canon EOS camera. Considering that the EOS is one of the most respected camera lines...[more]

4 Benefits of a Pentax Wide Angle Lens Over Other Brands

A Pentax wide angle lens can easily match and surpass the quality of other lenses on the market today. Its capabilities are far superior to that of the competition, since it produces real-life photos...[more]

3 Benefits of a Canon Wide Angle Converter Over Other Brands

If you are aiming for a wide angle shot but are stuck in the confines of a small room, any Canon wide angle converter allows you to take perfect photos. The thing is, several other cheaper brands hav...[more]

How to Get More Flexibility from a Digital SLR Wide Angle Lens

A digital SLR wide angle lens provides a wider perspective and gives an exaggerated distance effect in the image. This lens also has a shorter focal length, which gives you the ability to get much cl...[more]

How All 72mm Lens Filters are Not Made the Same

The following is a comparative analysis of a 72mm lens filter from different brands, with a focus on quality-based differences. Sigma Lens Filter The Sigma lens filter is generally a great option if...[more]

Why Not to Buy a Cheap 72mm Wide Angle Lens

Anyone interested in buying a 72mm wide angle lens will need to ensure that they choose the best quality lens that they can afford. There are many different brands of wide angle lenses available. By...[more]

How to Capture Ultra Wide Images with the 6mm Nikkor Fisheye Lens

The Nikkor Fisheye lens is a specialized camera lens that can be used to capture very wide images and put them up for display in a characteristically convex and rounded view. Various people use these...[more]

How Magnification Changes by Using an Olympus Wide Angle Lens

If you have tried an Olympus wide angle lens, you probably noticed the difference in the magnification behavior when compared to the more conventional lenses. Here is how the magnification of images...[more]

Android Photography Apps: Camera Magic

Anyone with an Android mobile phone will be able to use Camera Magic to take even better photographs. This application offers useful features which makes the camera even more powerful. With many mode...[more]

7 Tips to Understanding Av Mode on Your Canon Camera

When most people get a new digital camera they will not experiment with the advanced manual AV mode which is available. This is because most people will leave it in the automatic modes. While the aut...[more]

Guide to Understanding SLR Lens Filters

When you're buying a new lens, consider using SLR lens filters. There are plenty of reasons why you might want to use lens filters. While these aren't essential, they can provide you with some nice e...[more]

2 Suggestions for a Cheap and Good Camera Lens

You have a camera, but you are looking for a cheap camera lens to go with your camera. Depending on the type of camera you have, it will also depend on the kind of lens you will need for your camera....[more]

Importance of a Quality Wide Angle Lens Adapter

A wide angle lens adapter is basically an extra lens that screws onto the front of your current lens. These adapters either give you a wider focus area, or they change the look of your final image. B...[more]

3 Tips on How to Buy an SD Memory Card

When you go to buy a SD Memory Card, it can be a very simple task if you know what you are looking for. These small cards can be found in any department store or drug store. They will be found by the...[more]

Selecting an MP3 Player Memory Card: Are They All the Same?

When choosing an MP3 player memory card, you will need to choose the right type of card. Many MP3 players store the files on a memory card. These memory cards can be removed and easily upgraded. This...[more]

How to Select Camcorder Lens Filters

Camcorder lens filters can greatly improve the images being photographed, if you pick the right one. Having the wrong filter might not get the job done right, or, even worse, might not fit onto the c...[more]

List of Classes for a 16Gb SD Card

A 16GB SD card is a very large memory card which can be used with compatible cameras and video cameras. There are a number of different types of SD card. All 16GB cards are SDHC or SD High Capacity c...[more]

Hazards of Using 32GB SD Card Instead of One With Less Memory

A 32GB SD card is one of the biggest sizes of memory cards available at the moment. A 32GB SD card sounds like a very convenient card to use because this is so big. The cards can contain many hundred...[more]

3 Websites to Buy a Quality 58mm Lens Filter

A 58mm lens filter can be found at some online websites. These websites will sell the filters for less than if they were brand new. There are several well known websites that have the 58mm filters, s...[more]

Comparison between an RS-MMC Memory Card and SD

An RS MMC memory card looks very similar to a SD card, but what are the differences? Learning about the differences should make it much easier to ensure that you are choosing the right card, which wi...[more]

Why Wide Angle Lens Optics from Japan are Considered Better

The following is an analysis of why a Japanese-made optics wide angle lens may be considered the most superior wide angled lens.What is a Wide Angled Lens?Simply put, a wide-angle lens is a lens that...[more]

3 Tips on Finding a Camera Lens at a Discount

Discount Camera lenses can be hard to find if you don’t know where to look. Where you don't want to look is at upscale camera shops. Most everything they have in stock will be new items. But, i...[more]

3 Fun Effects with a Cheap Fisheye Lens

A cheap fisheye lens can be attached to almost any camera to create a distorting effect. Fisheye lenses are extreme wide angle lenses that were originally developed for the study of meteorology. They...[more]

Three Popular Devices that Use a MMC Flash Memory Card

The MultiMediaCard or MMC flash memory card remains to be one of the standards when it comes to flash memory cards. It is the predecessor of the Secure Digital or SD cards but continues to be used in...[more]

Why Every 52mm Lens Should have a UV Filter

A 52mm lens filter can provide protection and performance improvements to your lens. These filters are inexpensive to buy and are very easy to use. They also do not affect the quality of your photogr...[more]

Features to Consider Before Buying an 32Gb Micro SD Card

When buying a 32GB micro SD card, there are some very important things to bear in mind. By thinking about these features before buying a card, you can ensure that you are buying the very best card fo...[more]

Why Pros Should Consider Nothing Larger than an 8Gb Micro SD Card

Many professional photographers will only use an 8GB Micro SD card or smaller. This seems strange to many people starting out because it seems inconvenient. While a large memory card makes it easy to...[more]

2 Wide Angle Lens Options for a Nikon D70

The range of options for a Nikon d70 wide angle lens is not very vast. Here are a few you can opt for. 1. AF DX 10.5 mm f/2.8 The lens that Nikon makes is an AF DX 10.5 mm f/2.8 fisheye-Nikkor, which...[more]

4 Popular Websites to Get a Wholesale Price on an SD Memory Card

Finding a wholesale SD memory card online at affordable prices is easy nowadays, since there are numerous websites available. Typically, people who have cameras and cell phones will look for Mic...[more]

3 Fun Tricks with a Cheap Wide Angle Lens

The primary purpose of a cheap wide angle lens is to be able to attach it to almost any camera to allow the viewer to see an area that is larger than what is possible with a normal lens. However, the...[more]

Do Point and Shoots Have Lens Mounts?

Many people like the convenience that point and shoots offer them. These are portable and easy to maneuver. They are certainly much smaller and easier to use than any digital SLR camera. Digital SLR...[more]

What is the Micro Four Thirds System?


What is the Four Thirds System?


Using a Konica to Nikon F Lens Adapter

If you have a KonicaSLR camera then you might find it difficult to find the right lenses to use on your camera. It's possible to use a number of different types of lenses on your camera by using lens...[more]

Using a Konica to Pentax 42mm Lens Adapter

When you are using Konica equipment, you will sometimes find that you will need to change the lens of your camera, but do not have the correct make of lens to do so. This is why having a lens adapter...[more]

Using a Konica to Exakta Inner Bayonet Adapter

If you have a Konica camera body then you might want to use many different types of lenses on it. There are a few different types of adapters that are suitable for use on Konica cameras. There a...[more]

Using a Fujica Bayonet to Fujica 42mm Adapter

If you own a Fujica SLR camera which has a Bayonet mount then you might struggle to find the right lenses. This is because these are vintage cameras which are not available new any more. Although it...[more]

Using a Fujica Bayonet to Pentax 42mm Adapter

Anyone who has a Fujica camera with a Bayonet fitting will find it easy to use a Pentax 42mm Adapter to use different lenses. The advantage of lens adapters is that you can use your favorite lens wit...[more]

Using an Exakta Inner Bayonet to Topcon Adapter

If you have an Exacta camera which uses an Inner Bayonet mount, then it can be extremely difficult to find the right lenses to use. This is made more difficult because the cameras haven't been produc...[more]

Using an Exakta Real/Twin to Inner Bayonet Adapter

Exacta cameras were once very popular with professionals and amateurs. These haven't been made for quite some time, but are still very capable cameras which can teach you a lot about photography. Any...[more]

Using a Contax/Yashica to Pentax 42mm Lens Adapter

If you have a vintage contax/yashica SLR camera then finding lenses for it can be difficult. It is often slightly easier to track down adapters that can accommodate different types of lenses whi...[more]

Using a Canon FD/FL/Canonflex to Pentax 42mm "P" Adapter

If you have an old canon camera tbat uses the Canon FD, FL or Canonflex mount, then you might struggle to find suitable lenses. One alternative is to use lens adapters. These lens adapters can make i...[more]

Using a Canon FD/FL/Canonflex to Nikon F Adapter

When using a Canon fd Fl or Canonflex camera you might struggle to find the right lenses to fit on your camera. This is because the camera is old and new lenses haven't been available for some time....[more]

Using a Canon FD/FL/Canonflex to Exakta E Adapter

Anyone who has a vintage Canon FD/FL or Canonflex camera then they might find it difficult to get themselves new lenses. Finding these lenses can be difficult because they are all second hand and cou...[more]

Using an Alpa to Leica Visoflex Lens Adapter

Alpa cameras were fairly popular with professional photographers. These were designed and made in Switzerland to a very high quality. These are vintage cameras, which can make it very difficult to fi...[more]

Using an Alpa to Leicaflex / R Adapter

Alpa SLR cameras were once very popular, and many people still want to use them. However, it can be very difficult to track down the right Alpa lenses to mount on these. It's often much simpler to us...[more]

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