How to Make a Wireless Spy Camera with a Cell Phone

Buying a wireless spy camera can be pretty expensive. However, it's possible to save some money by making your own spy camera. Believe it or not, you might already have all of the necessary materials in a drawer somewhere. The components required are actually very easy to find, and even if you don't have them, you can buy them cheaply online.

By learning how to make your own wireless spy camera, it is possible to keep an eye on what happens in your home while you're not there. These spy cameras can also be hidden pretty much anywhere including in your office. As long as you keep the battery fully charged, you should be able to capture a lot of footage.

Step 1: Choosing a Phone

The first step that you need to do is choose a suitable phone. As most phones have been fitted with video cameras for a few years, it should be easy to find a cheap phone with a good video camera. You will need to think about the quality of the camera so that you can ensure that you can capture high quality surveillance footage.

To access the surveillance footage on your phone wirelessly, you will either need to use a wireless network or bluetooth. Bluetooth has a much shorter range which can make using it more difficult. However, wireless networks have a larger range which should make it easier to download and view the video files.

Step 2: Modifying the Phone

If required, you will need to modify the phone. Think about where you are placing the phone and come up with a way of hiding it. You could, for example, place the phone into an old video tape box or a book. Try to find a way to hide the phone so that it doesn't look conspicuous. It is, however, important to ensure that the camera is still visible.

Step 3: Installing Software

You will then need to install some security software onto your cell phone. There are many different pieces of software which can be used and installed on your phone. This software is suitable for different brands and models of phones. This should make it possible to find a piece of software which is suitable for most phones.

Step 4: Hiding the Phone

With the phone ready, you will then need to hide it somewhere. Tuck it out of the way so that it doesn't look conspicuous. Also make sure that the camera has a clear line of view of whatever it is you are trying to capture. This is important because the camera will not be able to move.

Step 5: Testing the Camera

When you have hidden the phone, you will then need to test it. This will ensure that you are capturing videos of the right area of the room. Once you have tested it, you then need to set it up and start capturing the footage. It's then easy to view the footage wirelessly.