4 Features that Determine the Quality of a Cell Phone Camera

Believe it or not, you can take some great photos with a cell phone camera. To take great photos with a cell phone camera, your camera needs to have the right features. Features that you should look at when buying a cell phone camera include:

1. Pixel Count

How many megapixels a cell phone camera has is very important. The more pixels, the better your photos will be. You should only look at cell phone cameras that have at least 3 megapixels if you want to take high quality photos.

2. Lens Quality

Lens quality is more important than zoom when you are buying a cell phone camera. To determine lens quality, you really need to take a photo with the cell phone to see what the quality is. Most cell phones cameras are fixed lens cameras.

3. CCD Quality

Most cell phone cameras will feature CCD sensors. In terms of quality, you should be okay with a single CCD sensor. If you can afford a cell phone camera that has multiple CCD sensors, then by all means, go for it. Cheaper cell phone cameras will have a CMOS sensor, which produces low quality images.

4. Exposure Range

The camera phone that you are looking at should have a wide exposure range. As a general rule, the more f-stops the camera has, the better your photos will be.