6 Features to Have When Choosing a Used Camera Phone

Phones that take photos can be costly, which is why you might want to consider purchasing a used camera phone. Sophisticated cell phones are no longer dedicated to specific wireless companies, so the...[more]

How to Diffuse the Nextel Camera Phone Spotlight for Pictures

If you have a Nextel camera phone, then you might want to know how to diffuse the spotlight. These phones have very powerful cameras which makes them perfect for photographers. The flashes on them ar...[more]

How to Upload Camera Phone Pictures into Flickr

With the popularity of cell phone cameras, a lot of people take camera phone pictures that they later want to download and save on their computer. Flickr is a website that can be utilized to upload a...[more]

2 Types of Camera Phone Software for Photo Effects

Camera phone software is becoming very popular. Cell phones are capable of doing so much in today’s society. They can take pictures, play music and surf the web. Camera phones need to have the...[more]

How to Send Pics to a Computer from a Bluetooth Cell Phone Camera

It’s common to find a Bluetooth camera cell phone on the market; in fact, most people are carrying one right now. Rarely are phones made without a built-in Bluetooth function. This feature allo...[more]

How Mobile Camera Phones can be Useful for Vacation Photos

Camera mobile phones are very common. In recent times, the majority of mobile phones are fitted with a camera. While these cameras are fairly basic, they are still quite useful and work fairly well....[more]

How to Use Your Cell Phone with No Camera to Store Your Photos

Even if your cell phone has no camera, it may still be possible to use it to store photos and files from your computer. This is useful for many people who like something more substantial than a USB f...[more]

5 Must Have Cell Phone Accessories for Easier Mobility

Cell phone accessories can enhance the functionality of the equipment and also protect the phone. Here are five must have accessories which are geared for easier mobility. 1. Travel Charger Batteries...[more]

5 Tips to Take Great Pictures with Cheap Used Cell Phones

It is very easy to buy cheap used cell phones. This is because new features are being added to cell hones all the time. With many people wanting the best and latest phone, there are lots of people wh...[more]

10 Popular Design Trends for New Cell Phones

New cell phonesare always surprising people with new features. Just a few years ago computers were only about as powerful as a typical smart phone. New models are continually app...[more]

3 Cool Accessory Ideas for Cell Phones

When it comes to cool cell phones, there are hundreds of accessory ideas. Given the fact that cell phones are so popular, you can purchase both manufacturer and aftermarket accessories for your cell...[more]

How to Add a Lens to Your Cell Phone to Make a Spy Camera

It is now possible, with the current mobile/cell phone technology available, to transform your cell phone (regardless of its manufacturer) into a proper Spy Camera. Picture capturing technology assoc...[more]

5 Photo Tips for Your New Camera Phone

Your new camera phoneis a very useful piece of equipment which can be used to take photos wherever you go. There are some very useful ideas which can be used to generate some ama...[more]

4 Features that Determine the Quality of a Cell Phone Camera

Believe it or not, you can take some great photos with a cell phone camera. To take great photos with a cell phone camera, your camera needs to have the right features. Features that you should look...[more]

How to Make a Wireless Spy Camera with a Cell Phone

Buying a wireless spy camera can be pretty expensive. However, it's possible to save some money by making your own spy camera. Believe it or not, you might already have all of the necessary materials...[more]

Which Megapixel Specification Is Right for My New Camera Phone?

When you are buying a new megapixel camera phone, you should pay some attention to the megapixel specifications of that phone. You don't want to become preoccupied with the number of megapixels that...[more]

3 Cool Photo Effects with the Satio Ericsson Camera Phone

The Sony Satio Ericsson camera phoneis one of the best camera phones currently available. This is a very powerful camera which makes it possible to take some high quality photogr...[more]

How to Choose an IP Video Phone for Business

An IP video phone is probably one of the best options to stay in “live” touch with both family members and business partners. Video phones are not the most popular office decision, but th...[more]

How to Video Conference with a SIP VoIP Video Phone

An SIP VOIP video phone can be used to hold video conferences with people all around the world. These VOIP phones use the internet instead of conventional phone lines to place calls. The advantage of...[more]

How to Choose a Free Camera Phone that Takes Good Pictures

When you get the option of choosing a free camera phone, it can be difficult to decide which one to get. Anyone who has a contract phone will be able to choose a new phone at the end of your contract...[more]

How to Video Conference with a D-Link Wireless Video Phone

A D-link wireless video phone is a useful device which makes it possible to see people when you are on the phone with them. Normally, video calling is very expensive, however, these D-link phones con...[more]

How to Download and Print Your Camera Phone Pics

Your camera phone pics deserve to be downloaded to your computer. By downloading these pictures, it's possible to edit them, print them out and even upload them to the Internet. Downloading and print...[more]

How to Use Your Cellular Phone for Home Video Shooting

If you want to shoot great home videos, you may just need the right home video phone as opposed to purchasing a really expensive camcorder. Smartphones now come with megapixel resolution sensors simi...[more]

How a GPS Camera Phone Knows the Location of Your Photos

A GPS camera phone is very useful because it not only makes it possible to take great photos, but you can also use it to identify your location. By using the GPS module in your cell phone, it is poss...[more]

3 Tips for Selecting a Good Camera Phone

The task of selecting a good camera phone for your needs requires research. Every day you hear of more new technology being incorporated into phones. What features do you really need in a camera phon...[more]

Exposure Benefits of a Camera Phone With Flash

When choosing a cell phone, you might be interested in choosing a camera phone with a flash. These camera phones are much better at taking photos because they have their own light source. While...[more]

An Unlocked Camera Phone May Affect Your Ability to Send Pictures

Buying an unlocked camera phone makes it possible to use the phone on any network. However, it could make it more difficult to share your photos. Unlocked phones are very easy to buy, but are normall...[more]

Send Pictures to a Computer with a RAZR Bluetooth Camera Phone

A Motorola RAZR camera phone is equipped with the latest features available on any phone. These have a high quality multi mega-pixel camera and bluetooth. It's very easy to transfer the photographs o...[more]

Benefits of Optical Zoom in a Camera Phone

A zoom camera phone is a useful device which can be used to capture high quality photographs. Almost all cell phones have cameras built into them. However, few of these have zoom lenses. There are ma...[more]

How Pictures from a 5MP Camera Phone can be Used for Web Pages

A 5MP camera phone is a very useful piece of equipment. At one time, the cameras included with phones were very basic and were a gimmick. However, modern cameras feature much more powerful cameras. T...[more]

How to Attach Voice Clips to Photos on Your Sanyo Camera Phone

A Sanyo camera phone is a very useful and powerful phone. While Sanyo might not be particularly well known for their cell phones, they are quickly earning themselves a very good reputation. These pho...[more]

5 Tips for Getting Great Cell Phone Camera Pictures

Taking cell phone camera pictures can be a little difficult because these have fairly basic cameras. A cell phone is designed mainly as a way of contacting people, and it does everything else as an a...[more]

Must My Camera Phone be in the Top 10 to Take Good Pictures?

You don't necessarily need to buy a top camera phone to take good pictures. There are plenty of phones that have good cameras and are considered one of the best phones available.FeaturesCamera phones...[more]

How to Capture Video with Your New Nextel Camera Phone

Buying a new NEXTEL camera phone will provide you with a state of the art camera phone. These phones can be used to take still photos and also capture videos. There are a few different NEXTEL phones...[more]

2 Lighting Tips for Better Cell Phone Pictures

It can be difficult to take good cell phone pictures. Unfortunately, most cell phones do not have flashes or lights for the camera. That means that most cell phones have poor light sensitivity. Howev...[more]

iPhone Photography: Tilt Shift Generators

iPhone Photography is becoming increasingly popular due to the newer versions of the phone shipping with much better cameras. The original iPhone had a very poor camera, but the third and fourth gene...[more]

Android Photography Apps: PicSay

PicSay is a popular android application which can be used to have extra fun with your photographs. Almost all android mobile phones have a built in camera. this is useful because it is taken everywh...[more]

Android Photography Apps: Moon Phase

Moon Phase is a very useful photography application which makes it possible to decide on the best times to take photographs. Moon Phase is ideal for nighttime photography because they will let you...[more]

Android Photography Apps: Just Pictures

The Just Pictures android application is a wonderful app which makes it very easy to show people photos from all over the Internet. This application connects seamlessly many Internet photo sharing s...[more]

Android Photography Apps: Pixelpipe Pro

The PixelPipe application is a useful photo application that can be installed on Android mobile phones. Android is one of the most popular operating systems used on mobile phones and portable device...[more]

Android Photography Apps: Snap Photo Pro

Snap Photo Pro is an application available for the Android G1. While the Android has many great features, its 3.2 megapixel camera can benefit from additional software. The application allows the us...[more]

Android Photography Apps: Photostream

Photostream is one of those Android photo apps that is really easy to use. Simply put, Photostream is a basic Flickr photo browser and viewer with some extra features. It was developed by a Goo...[more]

Android Photo Apps: Picplz

Installing android photo applications on your mobile phone is an easy way to add extra features to your phone. While phone cameras aren't as good as a compact digital camera they are still useful. Y...[more]

Android Photography Apps: The Weather Channel

For photographers that want to capture that perfect shot, that often means either getting out of the weather or getting into it. The Weather Channel app for Google Android Version 2.3.14 allows user...[more]

Android Photography Apps: Vignette

For Google Android phones, the Vignette app features allows users to create different effects with the photos that they take. The Vignette app allows users to manipulate photos and film by adding f...[more]

Android Photography Apps: My Tracks

If you don't have another GPS unit for geotagging, then you can use the My Tracks application to turn your phone into one. Your android phone has a built in GPS receiver, which can be used to d...[more]

Android Photography Apps: Sunrise Sunset

The Sunrise Sunset application for Android is perhaps one of the most useful photo tools available. This is designed to make it very simple to find out when the sun rises and when it sets. Unlike so...[more]

Android Photography Apps: Time-Lapse

There are many different types of android photo apps including time-lapse, which will make it really easy to take fantastic photos. Because there are so many different photo apps available, you will...[more]

Android Photography Apps: Photo Tools

The many different photo tools available for Android make using the camera on your phone even easier and more useful. There are dozens of different photo applications which add many different featur...[more]

Android Photography Apps: Lookout

The Android Lookout app can be a useful way to backup all of your photos to an online service. If you are a keen user of your phones camera, then you will need to back everything up for security. Th...[more]

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