What Features Professionals Want in The Best Camcorders

What one professional videographer considers as the best camcorders may not hold true with another professional videographer. However different their requirements may be, they all consider the same basic features in a camcorder when making a selection. Here are some of the features that most professionals consider when looking for the best camcorder.

Digital Effects and Free Software

Most good buys for video equipment depend on their extra functions and freebies. Even if most professional videographers do their editing through computers, additional features such as night shots, picture grabbing from videos and other similar functions make shooting and video creations faster and easier.

Video Format and Media

Shooting two hours worth of video won’t mean much if it can’t be uploaded to a computer for editing. There are several video formats that will change quality if reverted to another format or if recorded in a lower-resolution media before editing or after rendering. It is best to choose a camcorder that can record in multiple and updated video formats and has a number of recording medium choices.

Lens Type and Focus

Most professional videographers prefer to have fixed lens that have multiple functions and capacities, such as zoom, optical image stabilization and interchangeable lenses. Focus controls that are connected with the lenses should also have multi-capacities.