Panasonic MiniDV Digital Camcorder: Advantages for Professionals

There are a number of advantages that the Panasonic miniDV digital camcorder offers to video recording and editing professionals, when compared to the other cameras that use different formats for recording. Following are the advantages:


The first advantage is that the tapes for Panasonic miniDV digital camcorders are very cheap and easily available. The length of the recording to the price ratio for these tapes is very favorable for the professionals who record long and extended footage on these tapes. Also, these tapes make the archiving of footage very easy; they are easy to label and can be transferred to a computer almost instantly.

Image Quality

The image quality of the miniDV wins over almost all of the other conventionally used formats because of its very high value of video data rate. This enables it to hold almost three times the information when compared to DVD, flash camcorders or hard drives.


The miniDV sports a major advantage in the editing field. The true video professional can exploit this format to create frame by frame edits of the original footage easily and quickly by using the right software tool. But, since the storing mechanism is on a tape, the editing process is completely linear.