Make My Own Video: 2 Fast and Easy Software Applications

When it comes to making movies for yourself, you really want to be able to say, "I can make my own video." So, you want a fast and easy software program to guide you through the process. Here are two popular and free movie-making programs that work quite well:

1. Slide Show Movie Maker

Slide Show Movie Maker works by making a .avi video file by using your bitmap or jpeg photos. The program is fairly easy to learn and you can make a movie with only three steps. It’s capable of producing special effects such as fades and word overlays. One disadvantage to the program is that it doesn’t offer any other format besides .avi to make the finished product.

2. Apple iMovie

iMovie '08 not only helps you to make videos, it also helps you to organize and categorize the movies you already have on your system. It also assists you in posting your videos onto YouTube and to create files that will play on your iPod, iPhone or Apple TV. This movie management and creation software makes simple to follow transitions, puts in titles, and adds music and other special effects. The only drawback is that it isn’t compatible with previous versions of the program and it only works on Mac computers.