JVC vs Panasonic Professional Camcorders

Both JVC professional camcorders, along with those made by Panasonic, are good solid brands with mostly similar features. Yet, there are strides that each has made or is making that puts it ahead of the other in different areas.

JVC: Fast FPS Speed

One line of JVC professional camcorders is the ProHD. When it first came out, it put Panasonic as well as other camcorder manufacturers behind it because it was the only one on the market to have 24 frames per second speed capability. It also shot 720 HD video. This line of cameras was expanded in 2009 when JVC added tapeless camcorders, another first for the camcorder industry.

Panasonic: SDXC Memory Cards

Not to be left behind, Panasonic is ahead of the game over JVC cameras when it comes to releasing the first professional micro 4/3 inch HD camcorder. This one is expected to set the mark for future pro camcorders and is targeted at the film production market. It is a full HD 1080 production model with settings for a variety of frame speeds and audio and video abilities.

It is compatible with SDHC and SDXC media, making it very practical since these memory cards are very small and easy to store and carry around for backup purposes. The SDXC is the newest type of memory card and has the advantage of being able to hold up to two terabytes of information.