5 Features & Benefits of the 2010 Top Rated High Def Video Camera

Many websites and magazines all have their opinions and polls on what is the best high def video camera of 2010. Since they have different sources of information and different communities, there is no one video camera that stands out and each has their own top video camera. However, the best video cameras today all share the same great features, such as:

1. High Resolution

Resolution is measured in megapixels and the higher the resolution, the better. A 5-megapixel high def video camera is pretty good in today’s standards. This should be your benchmark when it comes to resolution.

2. Low-Light Performance

Look for video cameras that perform well in low-light scenarios. Some cameras may have great resolution during daylight, but do not perform well when there is little light. Video cameras should work well in both instances.

3. Image Stabilizer

Since some of us may have shaky hands, image stabilizers are very important in HD video cameras so that videos and images will not be blurred when they are played.

4. Battery Life

Look for a video camera with a long battery life. You wouldn’t want your video camera to get drained just when the most important part of your child’s play comes up.

5. User Interface

Lastly, a simple user interface is a big help. Get a high def video camera that does not have a lot complicated menu options that will make it difficult to use.