4 Tips for Deciding Which Video Camera Offers Pro Grade Features

In choosing which video camera to buy, you first have to determine what you intend to do with it. Will you use it to make professional movies or are you just going to use it to take random videos of events that occur occasionally? If you need it for the former, then you have to carefully decide on the features that make the video camera suited for professional video taking.

1. Manual Focus

When purchasing a video camera, it is important that you be able to manually focus the various settings in order to alter the effect of the video. The more settings that you can adjust manually, the better it is. You can also take more creative shots with manual focus.

2. Manual White balance

Cameras with auto-white balance automatically adjust the white balance during different light situations. However, during low-light scenarios, it may have a hard time adjusting automatically so having manual white balance lets you manipulate this effect in your videos.

3. Headphone Jack

Although it may seem simple, not all video cameras have jacks for headphones. You need these because you have to monitor the audio that is being documented, especially in professional shoots.

4. Filter Ring

Choose a camera that has a filter ring front where you can attach a filter so you can protect the lens. These filters can also add various effects to your video shoot, so take this into consideration in choosing which video camera you need.