4 Popular Pocket Camcorder Features

The pocket camcorder has become popular over the past few years. It is a smaller version of the larger video recorders, is lightweight and usually square and you use it vertically. It looks somewhat like a point and shoot still camera, but it does video. Some of the popular features of a pocket camcorder are:

1. Inexpensive Compared to Bigger Versions

Most are fairly inexpensive, with them costing about $100 to $220. If it is a higher resolution, it will be on the more expensive end of the cost.

2. Easy to Use Memory Cards and Features

Most use flash memory media to record which makes uploading quick and easy. Also, these cameras are very easy for most people to use because they have simple controls and few features.

3. Have a USB Plug Interface and Software

Most also have a USB plug, which makes it simple to hook it to your computer to view the video. Pocket camcorders come pre-equipped with software, so nothing to lose or install, another thing which makes them popular.

4. Available in High Definition and Standard Definition

You can buy pocket camcorders in both high and low definition models. However, even so, the video quality isn’t as good as a full size video camera.