4 Popular HD Pocket Video Cameras

Pocket video cameras are slowly becoming the norm nowadays because of their handy nature and ease of storage. They are not a hassle to transport compared to DSLRs. The power of HD video can now be in the palm of your hands, literally. Here are four popular HD pocket video cameras:

1. Creative Vado

This excellent pocket video recorder has the widest angle lens in its class. It also produces superior quality videos and is great in darker settings. It has a wide range of settings that allows you to define the video process and quality.

2. Cisco Flip MinoHD

This is a robust and sturdy video recorder that is also a low-light wonder, being able to show videos with ease in darker scenarios. Its sleek and smooth exterior is definitely eye candy, and it offers video quality as well. It has a relatively larger storage capability so you can shoot more videos.

3. Kodak Zi8 HD

Kodak’s entrant in the pocket video camera world produced excellent results by having superior 1080p quality videos. You can now make your own HD movie quickly and easily with this device. Along with great video comes excellent audio options, where you can insert headphones into the jack and use them as a microphone.

4. Pure Digital Flip Ultra HD

This is another low-light performer and can take excellent videos in any light setting. It also runs on ordinary AA batteries so you can easily change them when your battery is low. It also has a wide angle lens compared to the other pocket video cameras on the market.