4 Fun Tricks You Can Do with the Cheapest Mini DV Camcorder

Although the cheapest mini DV camcorder may not perform up to par with today’s camcorder standards, there are still a lot of fun things that you can do with this apparatus. Despite its age and shortcomings, the mini DV camcorder can accomplish more things than you could ever imagine, such as:

1. Spy Videos

For any reason, if you want an event or scenario videotaped in secret, the cheapest mini DV can surely do the job. Because of its size, it can be easy to conceal; recording discreetly will be no problem at all.

2. Shoot in Black and White

Maximize the effects of your mini DV camcorder by shooting in black and white. It gives you that traditional and vintage kind of feel. Plus, you don’t need an expensive and high-end camcorder to do this.

3. Shoot in Good Lighting

Since the image quality of the cheapest mini DV camcorder may not be that good compared to the more expensive ones, always make sure that you shoot your videos with adequate lighting in order to maximize the resolution and image quality it can produce.

4. Self-Documentary

Since it is small enough to lug around all the time, making a self-documentary or video autobiography of some kind would be much more fun and easy. Even if it is the cheapest mini DV camcorder, it’s still easier to take videos of yourself as you narrate your life.