4 Fun Tricks with the Canon FS200 SD Video Camera

The Canon FS200 SD video camera is a lightweight camcorder that has a lot of powerful features that can satisfy the novice and even the professional. There are a lot of things that can be done with this camera and unleashing its potential is a great way to make excellent videos. Here are four fun tricks that can be performed with this camera:

1. Video Snapshot

If you want still images of certain portions in your video, a new video snapshot function has been introduced into the Canon FS200 SD video camera. Now you can capture images within the video and store them separately.

2. Zooming

Play around with the zooming function of this camera, as it allows you to zoom at particular speeds. You can zoom in slowly to your subject or abruptly if you wish. This can add a fun effect to your movies.

3. Microphone Option

The Canon FS200 SD video camera has a jack for a microphone, so it is suggested that you use this to your advantage. When shooting videos, you can have your subjects be heard clearly even though they are far away from the camera with the use of a microphone.

4. Effect Presets

Use the various effect presets when taking videos. These presets are especially useful if you are not accustomed to the manual mode yet, or if you simply want a quick effect fix. The Canon FS200 SD video camera is a versatile little device that will definitely suit your needs.