4 Fun Tricks with a JVC Digital Camcorder

JVC has been one of the world leaders in digital videos, and there’s no doubt that you can do a lot with the JVC digital camcorder line. With a lot of power in your hands, you will be able to take videos and have fun using the camcorder’s capabilities. Here are four fun tricks you can perform with a JVC digital camcoder:

1. White Balance

Play around with your camcorder’s white balance. One example is having two different light sources in one shot, such as sunlight coming through the window and an incandescent light. The sunlight will be seen as blue while the incandescent will be seen as red. These two color combinations will be quite fun and interesting.

2. Gradual Lighting

If you are shooting a live subject, use gradual lighting because turning on the light immediately will cause the subject to squint. Bringing the light on gradually will let the subject get used to the light until it is on maximum.

3. Still Images

Since your camcorder is also a camera, exploit this fact and use the camcorder as a still camera. Take videos and still shots of the same scenarios so you can compare moving and still shots. This makes a fun effect of images coming to life.

4. Vintage Movies

Use your camcorder’s black and white video effect option in order to make vintage-like movies, but with a modern setting. The JVC digital camcorder can give a cool illusion of an old movie set in the future.