4 Features to Understand about Your New Digital Video Camera

So, you're ready to purchase your first digital video camera and you need to better understand all of the features. Here is a list of some of the most common features available.

1. Zoom Lens

It’s important to get a camera with a good zoom lens, preferably one with an optical rather than a digital lens. An optical lens gives you a better quality result. A zoom lens lets you get up close to your subject without making his nervous and you can get some great candid shots.

2. Image Stabilization

This is a good feature to look for because it helps keep your video footage from being shaky and unprofessional looking. While this won’t help if your subject does a lot of moving, it will help if you have trouble maintaining a steady hand when you shoot video.

3. 3D Modes

One of the newest things to come out is 3D photography. While it would be an expensive feature, some cameras are coming out with it installed.

4. Face Detection Modes

One great feature to look for in a digital video camera is a face detection mode. This way, the camera will focus on the faces of the people you are taking video of and they won’t be out of focus and blurry.