3 Tips for Using a Helmet Camera

Using a helmet camera is an ongoing craze for travel bloggers who uses motorbikes, hang gliders or mountain bikes. There are even racers, stunt drivers and skateboarders who use helmet cameras to document their adventures. Here are some tips to get those perfect photos and videos with a mounted camera on your headgear.

1. Create a Solid Mount

There are commercially made mounts that come with most helmet cameras, but there are homemade versions that can reinforce an already solid branded mount. Remember that your mount depends on the situation and where the camera will be used; keep this in mind when mounting it on top.

2. Use Bright Sunlight

The best kind of lighting is still the brightest daylight possible so make sure that when taking pictures from a helmet camera, the sun is preferably at its brightest, if not highest point.

3. Check Your Equipment

A helmet camera will definitely go through wear and tear, so it’s best to always check the batteries, lenses, mount, memory space, etc. Also, make sure to upload all videos as soon as possible to your computer. If you have laptop, iPad or notebook, that would even be better.