3 Tips for Editing with Dazzle Digital Video Creator

The minute you upload your video clips onto your computer, you will need digital video creator software to edit your work. The Dazzle Digital Video Creator is one of the best choices for novices and even professionals that aim for creative and fast video editing. It also facilitates speedy video capture to your computer so is basically an all around video creator tool. Here are a few tips on how you can use the Dazzle Digital Video Creator:

1. Install Add-Ons

All models of the Dazzle Video Creator have other programs that can complete all your needs for basic video capture, editing, rendering, recording and burning. These include the Dazzle MGI Videowave 4 for the Dazzle Digital Video Creator DVC80 and the Dazzle MovieStar, Sonic Solutions DVDit!, Mediamatics Software DVD Player and Sonic Desktop SmartSound for the Dazzle Digital Video Creator 2. Don’t forget to include the included MPEG video clips samples.

2. Place Music and Text

With the Dazzle, you can add text and music background to your videos easily. This is usually done after video capture and before the final rendering. Just remember to time the music and text well to enhance the video’s output.

3. Share, Record and Upload

The Dazzle Video Creator can change your videos into unloadable formats that can be easily shared even through email. You may want to record in other media or burn onto a CD for a more personal feel. Create personalized labels for the CD before handing it out.