3 Tips for Dramatic Effects with a Pocket Video Camera

A pocket camera is one of the most basic pieces of video equipment anyone can own since it is easy to carry and operate. However, even this little gizmo is capable of dramatic effects in photography with just a little creativity from its owner. Here are a few tips for creating dramatic effects with your pocket video camera.

1. Time Lapse Effect

This dramatic effect speeds up time, compressing a whole day into just a video clip of five minutes. You can use this for skyline videos to show the passing of hours or for plants to show their growth. All you need is the patience and consistency to take videos at certain times and connect them all in one clip.

2. Slow Motion Effect

Most mini-video cameras already have this camera feature; all you have to do is press the button and shoot. It is very important that the scene you are shooting has movement so ask those you are videotaping to expand their actions and facial expressions to maximize this effect.

3. Focus Effects

Change the focus of the camera to create a smoky or cloudy effect to create a dizzy feel. Shake the camera continually and have the actors move around to create an earthquake scene.