3 Products to Convert VHS to DVD

It’s such a wonder having the option to convert VHS to DVD format. Imagine all the precious memories you’ve recorded on VHS and is in danger of being forgotten and destroyed because of disuse. With the discontinuance of a large number of VHS players by popular brands, one of the best options VHS owners have is to convert their VHS to DVD format. Here are some products that can do that:

1. Combination Units

These machines directly burns and records into DVD format any VHS you play in it, without the use of a computer attached to it, It’s very simple and basic but quite expensive.

2. Video Cameras

Most video cameras today have the capacity to read and record VHS tapes to a readable DVD format which will be stored in the camera’s hard drive or memory card. All you need is to find the right connection from your VHS tapes to your Video Cam and record it as the VHS plays. You can upload it into a computer afterwards for burning.

3. Computers and VHS player

You may need to upgrade your computer to find the right video card, cords, attachment and software to record into data format whatever it is that’s playing in your VHS player. But it’s really worth the addition if you have lots of VHS to transfer.