3 Popular Types of Camera Stabilizers

Camera stabilizers help you avoid jittery shots which are liable to give your audience migraine attacks and dizzy spells. Use them to avoid wasting shots and editing time. If you want to see a more stable video output for your video, here are some of the more popular types of camera stabilizers you can use.

1. Handheld Stabilizers

Probably the easiest stabilizers to use and assemble, all you need to do is attach to your video cam and viola! Hold it in front of you the same way you do except you would be holding a stick or a handle instead. They’re great for keeping the camera steady while walking, climbing stairs or even running.

2. Vest Stabilizers

You can connect the stabilizer to your vest and even your waist just so you have two free hands to maneuver the camera. In most cases the stabilizer will have handles and controls attached to one or both arms to help maneuver the camera so the stabilizer really needs to be attached to the photographer’s torso.

3. Light Stabilizers

These are easy to carry because they’re made to be lightweight. It’s perfect for heavy cameras while on very long shoots such as weddings, funerals or even company events. However, it can only carry so much weight so make sure your camera is light enough for it.