3 Popular Accessories for the JVC Mini DV Series Cameras

If you own a JVC mini DV camera, then you probably want to add to your collection with some of the popular accessories available for it. Here is a list of a few of the accessories you can buy:

1. Carrying Case

A carrying case is a very good thing to have because it protects your camera from damage and the elements. It is also good for toting around your extra batteries, lenses, flash or other items. There are many different types and sizes of carrying cases to choose from.

2. Battery Charger and extra batteries

Another good thing to have is extra batteries and a charger so that you are always ready to go if your primary battery runs out of power. You can have a special place in your carrying bag to keep an extra battery or two and a charger so you can keep all of your batteries charged at all times.

3. Protective Covering “Raincoat” for Mini DV Cameras

If you are a nature photographer, or just like to take pictures outdoors, it is a good idea to have what is called a “raincoat.” This is a plastic sleeve-like covering that fits the shape and size of your camera, but at the same time leaves holes for things like the viewer or other attachments. It is waterproof and can save your gear from being ruined.