3 Popular Accessories for the Everio Digital Camcorder

If you have recently acquired the Everio digital camcorder, you may be eager to see the products that are available to enhance your recording and viewing experiences. Here are some popular accessories for the Everio line that will optimize your enjoyment.

1. Battery Power

The Everio lineup is specifically designed to use the JVC data battery. There are two data batteries to choose from based on your video needs. Everio also offers a battery charger that can be used to charge both types of data batteries.

2. Everio Share Station

You can directly connect your Everio digital camcorder to the Share Station, which will then allow your videos to playback directly on your TV or display. The Share Station also burns DVDs of your videos without the need for a computer. It comes with a remote control for even more convenience.

3. HD Media Player

The Everio HD Media Player allows you to insert your SD card to view your videos or pictures from both your camcorder and your digital still camera on your HDTV. There are two SD card slots available. This feature allows you to backup or duplicate the contents of each card. An Audio/Video output is also provided, which allows you to listen to digital audio files through your home theater system.