3 Fun Ways to Shoot with a Kids Video Camcorder

These days, it’s hard to identify what video recorders can be considered as a kids video camcorder since many can be used by both age groups. Also, kids tend to be more techie than some adults, so they can control a high end camcorder. Whatever age you may be, here are some ways to have fun with a kids video camcorder.

1. Slow and Speed Motion

Use this for an interview to change the speed for the chipmunk style. Ask your film subjects to make funny movements and expressions then suddenly speed up in the middle of their performance.

2. Parodies and Copy-Cats

Don’t wait for Halloween to do this. Get everyone to dress up as their favorite movie character to recreate a movie scene or the movie poster. Some examples are "Wizard of Oz," "Double 007" and "Lord of the Rings." Both adults and kids can play, but try letting the adults play the kids and the other way around.

3. Silent Movie

Shoot a scene without audio then use speech balloons or thought balloon graphics with text. This will require a more technical script and storyboard, but it’s worth the time and effort if your actors get it right. A little bit of old film or sepia effects along with an overacting cast will do the trick.